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An experiment in health, and avoiding death (for as long as possible)

Life has a way of creeping up behind you, then smacking you in the head (or chest) and running away.

It's inevitable, which is shitty, but you can delay it, which makes a little less shitty. The problem is, all the reasons for being healthy and not reaching for another doughnut, cigarette or beer seem too vague and not immediate.

That's why I decided to focus on the immediate, i.e. the next month. For one month, I'm going to eat decent food, exercise, and not get boozed up, just to see if it has any effect. It's not that I'm a raging alcoholic that eats shit and never moves muscle unless it's to change channels, but I could be doing more.

In more(ish) detail, for the month of July, I will:

  1. Not smoke (Not even that 'social smoking' thing. I will quit this time.)
  2. Eat no fried food
  3. Eat no junk food (which includes store-bought pizza)
  4. Drink a maximum of two beers, a maximum of twice a week
  5. Exercise for at least 90 minutes per day
  6. Drink only water, tea and (a little) coffee
  7. Eat only healthy snacks, like nuts, seeds, and fruit
  8. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
  9. Spend less time on the computer/phone/other attention-sapping device
  10. Make lunch every day

Let's see what happens in a month.

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Well, good luck with all this. I personally would not be able to keep it up.

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